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Tip #6 – Find the Area of Opportunity

Let’s recap the Positional Selling® Strategies we have covered thus far:

  • Take the Lead
  • Stop Looking Out for Number One (Operating Reality)
  • Invest in the Relationship (LAER)
  • Bring Your Energy to the Customer
  • Get Organized

This week we will focus on another Positional Selling® Strategy which is “Find the Area of Opportunity.”

The Area of Opportunity is all about working in the customer’s Operating Reality and getting out of your own. To do so, you must find out what is important to the customer. This is accomplished by use of the Exploratory Process.

The key is to make the customer part of the solution by asking the right questions and discovering what he/she needs. Basically, find out or ask them where they are now and what they are trying to accomplish.

Use the Exploratory Process and the following model to reveal the Area of Opportunity or the Gap:

What are you trying to accomplish? (IDEAL)

Where are you now in this regard? (ACTUAL)

Once you have uncovered the Gaps and met the customer’s needs, you have another opportunity to provide an Added Dimension. The Added Dimension is accomplished by adding something unique in addition to the 100% level of satisfaction the customer is already achieving.


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