Louis Allen Worldwide, USA

Louis Allen Worldwide, USA

Louis Allen International Inc
Louis Allen International Inc

Louis Allen Worldwide, USA, was set up in 1958. The mission of Louis Allen Worldwide, USA, is to help client organizations fine-tune their execution and results through the improvement of their fundamental management and organizational practices and systems.

The basic concepts and principles of management developed by Louis Allen, as the Allen Management System, have been widely recognized and accepted by more than 10,000 organizations worldwide. In excess of 1000,000 participants have benefitted from Allen's work, including over 1,000 CEOs. Louis Allen Worldwide, based in Foster City, California (USA), has subsidiaries and alliances across the globe.

Louis Allen Worldwide, USA

The Louis Allen Worldwide, USA, mission is to provide Quality Management Development solutions so that Partner Client Organizations continually improve their overall effectiveness.

Post the kick of the operations in April 2004, Louis Allen Worldwide, USA has conducted several workshops for top corporations as well as SMEs (Small to Medium size Enterprises). Apart from that Louis Allen Consulting is also becoming the partner of choice for a variety of corporates as well as SMEs across industries. Louis Allen Worldwide, USA, has also been conducting programs in Muscat, Oman, apart from consulting with top corporations in this vibrant economy. In addition, Louis Allen Worldwide, USA, has been conducting public programs to address current and relevant management challenges as a part of its ongoing efforts to further the practice of management as a profession.

The Louis Allen Worldwide, USA Advantage:

  • Seasoned resource personnel
  • Drawn from the industry
  • With the appropriate level of relevant work experience
  • Ongoing research into effective management
  • Ongoing association
  • Ongoing updation of the Allen Management System
  • Wide domain expertise
  • A holistic approach to management development
  • Specific need-based interventions
  • Applications of learning on the job
The Profession of Management

The learning from Mr. Allen's study has been distilled into "The Profession of Management" workshop. This forms the base for a systems approach to managing organizations and gives one an integrated and holistic perspective. Our recommendation is that prior to any other training that may be undertaken in specific need areas, employees are equipped with the overall Profession of Management framework.

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