Building Customer Equity


Is your sales team ready for the big league? Do your sales people have the perspective, knowledge and skill set to work with corporate leaders? Carew’s Building Customer Equity (BCE) program equips sales professionals with specific skills and the strategic approach necessary to work with mid, upper and C-level executives. BCE cultivates the competence and confidence needed for the interdependent relationship of consultative sales.

This workshop utilizes Carew’s proven process for gaining position with upper level managers based on an understanding of the customer’s business drivers and their unique strategic objectives.

BCE participants will:

  • Gain insights into the value perceptions and expectations of procurement managers and executive level management.
  • Develop a top-level understanding of finance and understand how to read the data for insight to the organization’s trends, challenges and opportunities.
  • Learn how to differentiate your organization with solutions that transcend product features, advantages and benefits. Learn how to create infinite value strategies for your customers.
  • Utilize a proven system for planning, prioritizing, presenting and delivering solutions to corporate leaders. Build long-term partnerships for position on your customer’s Board of Directors.

BCE Program Overview

The Value Imperative

  • Discover why traditional sales approaches lack sustainable competitive differentiation.
  • Learn how organizations are committing themselves to value creation, organizing themselves to reduce costs, and creating new revenue streams through supply chain integration and value chain improvements with their customers.
  • Study the points of value differentiation and expectations of sales people and their companies as experienced by procurement managers, mid and upper level managers, and C-level executives when considering partner-based relationships.

Finance Fundamentals

  • Learn about how money flows through a company as profits are made and costs incurred.
  • Discover what key ratios can tell you about an organization’s trends, challenges, and opportunities for prosperity.

Understanding Enterprise Operating Reality

  • Apply innovative techniques and methodologies to understand the environmental, industrial, and competitive realities that impact an organization’s strategic planning and marketplace performance.
  • Research and build qualitative and quantitative databases for use in identifying value proposition targets.
  • Practice using a proven process for gaining position with mid to upper-level managers based on an understanding of the customer’s business drivers and unique strategic objectives.

Discovering Enterprise Gap: Value Creation Opportunities

  • Identify value creation opportunities by analyzing (or managing the analysis of) key cost and profit centers including people, processes, and products.
  • Learn how to apply your organization’s enterprise capabilities and employ the help of your company’s internal resources to decrease costs, increase profits, create new revenue streams, and/or eliminate activity-based costs within your customer’s value chain.

Co-Producing Value

  • Learn how executives ascertain the viability and appropriateness of their participation in and/or adoption of a given solution.
  • Gain the confidence and competence to calculate the impact of your solutions on the customer and on your own organization.
  • Learn a process for prioritizing the delivery of the solutions within your Value Creation Plan.

Presenting and Demonstrating Your Value Proposition

  • Learn to use a complete set of high-impact strategies, tactics, and techniques for developing and presenting position-enhancing Value Creation Proposal presentations supported by written Value Creation Plans.
  • Templates are provided to expedite the delivery of value-based solutions with strategic customers. Models for measuring value delivery and performance against expectations are also provided to enhance customer-feedback sessions and document value delivery.
  • Develop and present a Value Creation Presentation.

Value Innovation

  • Discover how to create infinite value strategies for your customers that result in long-term partnerships and increased account share, profits, and defining attributes that make you a part of your customer’s personal Board of Directors.

Carew’s Building Customer Equity (BCE) training programs help sales professionals learn and/or improve their selling technique and the strategic approach which is necessary to work with mid, upper and C-level executives. So to improve bottom-line results Contact us

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