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Dimensions of Professional Selling, is the most robust sales training in Chennai. meticulously prepared and perfected by Carew International USA. Carew has over 40 years of sales training expertise. If you are looking for a comprehensive and effective sales training program in Chennai, look no further !B-More Consulting, one of the most reputed sales training company in chennai, brings you the flagship program of Carew International USA, Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS). Carew's training programs are aimed at imparting quality skills to sales teams with an objective focus to improve sales team efficacy in the market. Our sales training module have been tried and tested by many organizations in and around the country, and today we can boast of an envious track record when it comes to the question of the best sales training in Chennai!

Want to know more about DPS? Read its features:

  • Customized sales training, according to nature of business, size of entity, etc.
  • Diverse market experience which is inculcated through a mix of workshops and practical activities.
  • Introduction to some of the best sales methodologies, being adopted by some of the biggest enterprises in the world.
  • Healthy mix of scientific approaches through workshops and dynamic interactive exercises which seek to emulate real life scenarios.

The comprehensive Dimensions of Professional Selling program, which includes 9 modules covering topics like customer engagement, exploratory skills, presentation skills, objection handling, strategic selling and closing technique can truly revitalize your sales teams and set you on course for the kind of growth that you have always dreamt of! Get the best sales training for your business in Chennai, right away! Get in touch with us now.

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