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B-More Consulting, originally RJA Sales Training, was founded in 2007 by Roshan L. Joseph, a sales and marketing evangelist. The company’s first major task was to first bring globally recognized programs on sales training in Mumbai and then to the rest of India. Roshan realized that customers were not just looking for the best sales trainer in India they also wanted a technically robust training program. This venture began with the purpose of bringing international quality sales skills and concepts to enhance sales leadership training. This would bring international skills to the forefront of the Indian corporate sales training arena.

Today B-More works with companies across India and the Middle East from their head office in Mumbai and their training associates based in major cities including Muscat...

These days it would seem that sales training companies in India are a dime a dozen Whether it is magazine ads, radio ads, internet ads or even posters stuck haphazardly to walls, there is always a plethora of choices when it comes to choosing a sales training program. And don’t get me wrong, not all of them are bad. Some of them are pretty good actually. But when you and your company are struggling in sales, are you going to be searching out the corporate sales training programs which are only ‘pretty good’?

I would certainly question your business ethics if ‘pretty good’ was good enough for you. If all you want to do is waste your valuable time and money, then you might consider selecting another training company.

We are proud to say that our training content is nothing less than world-class. We have the best sales training programs from Carew International USA. Carew International USA is ranked amongst the top 20 sales training companies in the USA. Their expertise in sales has been honed over forty years. Their programs are tried and tested for their efficacy. Their programs are not designed to confuse participants but to help them easily understand concepts, try them out in role plays and finally implement the learning in the field. But that is not enough. What’s the point of having world class training content but mediocre facilitator delivery? We have to ensure that the quality of delivery meets world class standards as well. Here at B-More Consulting we are proud to say that we have some of the best sales trainers in India, when it comes to online sales training programs.. This is because our trainers have to be put through a very rigorous Trainer Certification program. They don’t become Carew trainers over night. They not only have to complete the Trainer Certification course but also apprentice under our lead facilitators before they are allowed to handle programs on their own.

Here at B-More, we have a lot of different types of sales programs that you can choose from as well as corporate communication programs, telephone sales training programs, leadership training programs, marketing and branding consulting and much more. Since we have some of the best and most experienced consultants, they are also available for your sales conferences and can conduct short motivational sessions for your teams which are known as Pep Talks.

So, if you want to make and make a significant long term improvement in the way your team and company functions, look no further, B-More Consulting has got you covered. We provide the best sales training in Mumbai, India with a special focus on sales training in Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi. We also conduct training in the Middle East as well.

Don’t waste another second and call B-More Consulting right away. We will be more than happy to guide you and advise you on how to develop your team so that they can achieve the results you need.

Corporate Sales Training Program

Corporate Sales Training Program by

Carew International, USA ©

• Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)
• Target Account Planning Strategies (TAPS)
• Negotiation Skills
• Advanced Position Selling™
• Profit Dimensions in Sales
• Mentoring Sales Leadership

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Corporate Sales Training Program

Effective Business Communication Program by


This program has been designed to hone your skills to develop a stronger more powerful executive presence. We focuses on providing learners with tools to communicate confidently with customers, peers and management. We believe learning is by doing...

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Sales Training Company in India

Management and Leadership Development program by

Louis Allen WorldWide, USA

Louis Allen WorldWide USA. (LAW) was set up in 1958. The LAW mission is to help client organizations fine-tune their execution and results through improvement of their fundamental management and organizational practices and systems.

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The best sales trainer in India will focus on the overall well-being of the representatives. They inspire the sales team to grow past their limits and achieve new areas of success by improving their productivity, boosting revenue, closing bigger deals and strengthening your organization. A great sales trainer in Mumbai can help bring in new clients and appease current ones.
Sales trainers are essential for many reasons. First, the best sales trainer in India helps the sales representatives continuously improve their performance with feedback, practice, and repetition. Moreover, it allows the managers to improve sales processes, training techniques and spot progress and areas of improvement for their teams.
One of the most important assets that a company can have to ensure that they stay one step ahead in the competitive market is a strong sales team. The best sales trainer in India ensures that the sales team can generate new opportunities which can lead to huge returns for a company. The more your sales team is trained, the better results your entire company can get.
Corporate sales training in India is essential to be fully equipped for the sales success. Look for corporate sales training programs that will enable your staff to motivate their interactions with clients so that the purchase occurs in a win-win situation, allowing the client to walk away feeling understood.
In today’s extremely competitive business environment, having an edge over the competition can be beneficial. A trained sales team can create new opportunities which can lead to better revenue for a company. Corporate sales training in India enhances the person-to-person connection which is necessary to gain loyal consumers.
Corporate sales training programs ensure the 7 key outcomes for businesses- growing the current accounts, increasing the sizes of the sales, bringing in new customers, winning customers’ trust and loyalty, decreasing the sales time, negotiating better deals and improving the seller onboarding process.
Virtual sales training programs motivate the participants as it represents the organization’s investment in the team’s skills and future. Motivation also develops from the simple fact that enhanced selling skills will likely drive the results that are directly beneficial to the sales professionals involved in the training.
Apart from motivating the sales team to achieve their best, the online sales training programs offer a lot more benefits. Some of them include- clear communication skills, gaining feedback on their performance, holding accountability for their actions without burdening them, a boost of confidence and improvement in soft skills.
Organizations are now seeing a major shift in how they conduct their sales training. There are 5 best practices that B-more Consulting follows in their online sales training to achieve the best results. Breaking down the basics, personalizing the sales program according to every sales representative in the team, scheduling time in the training programs to take breaks, making learning fun by using interactive and engaging programs and organizing such sessions frequently.
Sales leadership training is a process of providing the sales force with specific skills for doing their tasks better and helping them to overcome the challenges in their sales performance. Leadership training provides the necessary skills to the sales team to perform a better job and fix any lacunae in the sales force while fulfilling their job responsibilities.
Some of the critical benefits of enrolling in sales leadership training programs are: It equips the sales team with skills that direct selling doesn’t, it provides them with the tools, knowledge and motivation to not only achieve their goals but also surpass them, it decreases the salesperson turnover and increases the company revenue.
Sales leadership training enables the sales managers to learn how to recognize what techniques and strategies are not yielding the returns they had aimed for. They ensure that there is some sort of review process in place so that the teams can spot for themselves strategies and tools that are not effective. They can gain a clear understanding of what the company offers so that they can truly appeal to the audience and build that necessary loyalty.
Sales training in Bangalore can help motivate your sales team by honing their soft skills. Proper training gives them a solid foundation of knowledge and ultimately helps them achieve their targets and performance goals. Enrolling in structured sales training in India can help your team develop confidence, create consistency, foster a sense of belonging, learn analytical skills and build trust among the members.
Good sales training in India will focus on embarking on all the skills needed to become a successful salesperson. These include- confidence, soft skills and communication skills, resilience, active listening skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.
There are many ways in which a company can benefit from sales training in Delhi. They can help boost the company’s revenue by closing more deals, integrating best practices, gaining in-depth knowledge, boosting employee productivity and developing accurate forecasting and realistic goals.
New and existing sales managers need training that provides them with the skills to effectively communicate sales expectations and delegate responsibilities to ensure that the team is productive. Sales teams can work their best and surpass their targets when they know exactly what is expected of them.

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