Negotiation Skills Training Program


Pathways to Negotiation (PTN) is a negotiation skills training program developed for sales professionals. This programs helps professionals in honing their skills in negotiation, tactics and the strategic use of their skills to be able to achieve a profitable transaction while maintaining client loyalty. Sales professionals are trained to be able to cut down the risk of losing profits even in times of cut-throat competition and markets where price is the largest influencing factor. The foundation for the PTN program is found in Carew's innovative negotiation skills training process.

The PTN process is deeper than the theoretical knowledge of strategy management and use of tactics. It tries to imbibe practical ways and means of sales training, negotiations and skill implementation through workshops and hands on experiences, which may give the trainees a realistic sense of fieldwork. The program for Pathways to Negotiation (negotiation skills training) may also be altered and restructured according to the needs of different organizations.

To be able to make a mark in sales, Carew's PTN program (for negotiation skills training) is the most trusted and reliable process for achieving extraordinary sales results in a market that demands constant service and innovation.

An overview of the PTN (Negotiation Skills Training) program:

Plotting your destination
  • Developing the self as an effective negotiator by learning skills and tricks of negotiation
  • In-depth understanding of development of the tone of negotiation as per the demand of the situation.
  • Creating a strong foundation by effective learning of negotiation skills, which will eventually aid in the rest of the    learning process.
  • Review of skills related to negotiation and conflict resolution.

Preparing the Path for Success:

It is widely believed that the process of negotiation starts in the final stages of a sale instead of a continuous process, which is part of the entire sales cycle.

  • Creating a positive impression on contact with a prospect
  • Being able to create a mutually beneficial sales relationship with the client
  • Identifying and cutting down communication hurdles
  • Foreseeing and eliminating chances of error in communication or bad blood in a sales deal

Developing Your Solution

Knowing and understanding the needs of your clients may help in eliminating or cutting down the use of negotiation all together.

  • Learning how to gauge the needs and concerns of the client and to be able to use the information in your favor    while negotiating sales.
  • Getting adept at decision making and knowing and exploring success avenues
  • Getting to know the organization at a personal level to understand the power centers
  • Being able to logically understand the reasons for using a solution.
  • Being able to explain how a particular solution may be beneficial to the client
  • Being instrumental in having the client make a favorable decision
  • Cutting down on the bargains that have adverse effects
  • Identifying problems that may turn out to be hindrances in the process of a solutions

Tactical Matters
  • Finding alternative solutions that help in saving bargains that may affect profits
  • Being able to formulate a practicable and efficient sales solution and make it a one stop solution
  • Powerful negotiations such as 'Best Solution to a Negotiated Agreement', 'Listen, acknowledge, Explore, Respond' and 'Quid Pro Quo', are explored for an all round sales training

Navigation Around Minefields:

Buyers are always looking for ways and means to get the best possible bargains and will go to great lengths to be able to get maximum concessions out of their purchases. Buyers will use every trick of the trade to compel sales professionals to give into demands of non-profitable bargains.

  • Being able to foresee tactics of a client to control the transaction and cut down the risk of running towards loses.
  • Developing the skill of handling a client tactfully and avoiding situations of conflict.

A View From the Summit:
  • The workshop helps work on practical aspects of sales deals by way of role-plays, strategy formulation and use    of tact.
  • Having the conviction to motivate the client towards a positive action for the organization by examining the    concept of balance.

Negotiation skills are one of the most important traits required in business world today. You can seek help from us by just filling up our simple enquiry form.

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