Human Resource Consultancy

Human Resources Consultancy

  1. Manpower assessment & optimization of Human Resources
    • Establishing work flow of the processes
    • Establishing manpower norms and time norms for the activities
    • Roster patterns as per local laws
    • Manpower projections with planned over time or otherwise
    • Right sizing through optimization
  2. Incentive schemes
    • Establishing KPIs of the company
    • Study of current data on production / productivity
    • Discussions with the management for the enhanced production / productivity
    • Developing an incentive scheme to achieve the desired improvements
  3. Job descriptions
    • Preparing job descriptions for the job and positions
    • Grading the positions as per the approved grade structure in the company
  4. Job title, salary grades and scales of pay
    • Reviewing the job titles and salary grades to be in line with the industry
    • Reviewing the scales of pay to match the industry in order to attract fresh talents and retention of employees
    • Developing the new salary grades and scales of pay and aligning it with the positions
    • Fitment of existing employees to the new gradation structure and scales of pay
    • Determining the financial impact to the company
  5. HR policies and procedures
    • Reviewing the existing HR policies and procedures
    • Developing amendments to be in line with industry practice and local labor laws
    • Updating the procedures as per the proposed revised policies
    • Approval from competent authority for the new HR policies and procedures
  6. Right people for the right job
    • Understanding the competencies required for various jobs
    • Determining the existing skills and competencies of the employees
    • Training needs for the employees to bridge the gap in their skills and competencies
    • Assigning the right people to the right job based on their current / acquired skills and competencies
  7. Joe Abraham - Best Sales Trainer

    Professional Experience :

    Joe Abraham , is a HR Professional, who believes that all HR strategy is founded on ensuring the details are taken care of. With over 30 years of HR work with airlines such as Air India and Oman Air, Joe has personally built the systems that make massive airline operations happen. His expertise from Air India was well utilized for the start up of Oman Air supporting it with HR policies , procedures and practices.

    He has academic credentials of an Engineer (Mechanical), Business Management and professionally qualified as an Industrial Engineer to deal with all matters related to staff productivity.

    Joe is an expert who understands man power assessment and optimization of human resources. He was instrumental in setting up salary plans including scales and incentives. Building professional organization with clear cut role responsibilities defined in job descriptions. He is also keen to help companies build their policies and procedures in the HR area.

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