Excellence In Customer Service


Excellence in Customer Service (ECS) is a results-oriented program that gives your customer service teams the skills and confidence to convert prospects into customers. Equipped with Carew’s ECS strategies and methodologies, your customer service professionals will increase their sales, grow margins, build strong customer relationships, and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to service excellence in every customer contact.

ECS is a completely sales-integrated customer service training program that can be delivered as a component of other training or as a stand-alone program. Combining the power of experiential learning and visual models, ECS ensures that participants will immediately apply what they learn. Each ECS workshop is customized to address your organization’s specific needs and challenges.

Program Overview

  • The business impact of effectively managing you customer’s “Moments of Truth” in every service interaction.
  • The business impact of effectively managing you customer’s “Moments of Truth” in every service interaction.
  • A simple, flexible format for uncovering additional business opportunities as a natural outcome of providing outstanding customer service.

Meeting the Service Challenge

  • Participants discover how to turn customer problems into new sales opportunities.
  • They will get first-hand practice with an extraordinarily effective, field-tested transaction tool: the Problem-Solving process model.

Building Customer Relationships

  • Before needs can be addressed, customers must be heard and understood. Participants explore the unique personality orientations that influence customer perception.
  • An interactive group activity leads to on-site practice, using a proven human-dynamics model to effectively solve problems while addressing the customer’s orientation.

Servicing the Customer

  • With an exciting new process model, the Service Excellence Diamond, participants master the all-important Engagement Step for positive, compelling interactions with customers. Customized, reality-based skill building provides an opportunity to answer customer inquiries and handle objections within the guiding framework of the Diamond.

Influencing Customer Attitudes and Actions

  • The Participants discover how they can “turn the corner” from handling customer problems to opening up new sales opportunities.
  • They’ll master the Discovery Process model to uncover needs and then energetically implement the Resolution Process. Customized, reality-based exercises reinforce these essential process models.

Service with Attitude

  • How to have a dynamic, upbeat impact on customer decision-making, from Positive Contact to Positive Close.
  • In preparation for face-to-face and telephone interactions, participants explore the influence of auditory, visual, and mental “signals.” A final activity uses the entire Service Excellence Diamond to reinforce applied skills.

Staying on Top of Your Game

  • Operating at the “point-of-contact” with so many customers, your service team has the responsibility of maintaining and improving position in your sales efforts. In an end-of-the workshop review, participants make their commitment to the dynamic Excellence in Customer Service process models that turn coping into influencing.

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