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Dimensions of Professional Selling, from Carew International USA, is the most robust sales training course in the nation and is now available at Bangalore! These Carew programs are brought to you by B-More Consulting, one of the most reputed sales training company in bangalore. Over the years we have built or reputation on the back of our track record which has successfully revamped the sales teams of some of the most prestigious companies in India. Sales training in Bangalore are facilitated by some of the biggest names in corporate training, in the country. Our sales training programs, could be just the kind of boost your company, based in the garden city, needs! Our sales training curriculum focus on key areas and newer challenges in the world of modern day sales processes.

Following are the key features of Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS):

  • Customer centric approach and workshops on how to understand and service your customer more effectively and professionally.
  • Team-based, dynamic activities which impart practical skills along with tried and tested selling techniques developed by Carew International USA.
  • Imparting sound knowledge of various markets, market cycles and how to leverage them to your advantage.
  • Comprehensive modules which cover the basics of negotiating and the art of closing the deal.
  • Insights to some of the modern day and classic sales methodologies.
  • Workshops on developing and improving customer objection handling and negotiation skills.

Contact B-More for a quality sales training in Bangalore, that can be customized to the needs of your organization. Sales is the driving force behind the growth of any company and effective sales training, will be your key to uncharted growth!

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