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Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS) – A sales training program which is formally launched in Oman and India to very enthusiastic response from sales managers. Over five hundred participants have gone through DPS sales training, since it was launched in March, 2009. (See client list)

  • Helps you see your product through your customer's point of view.
  • Significantly increases your sales planning effectiveness.
  • Provides real world training experience through interactive and dynamic group exercises
  • Meets your specific sales training goals and needs with customizable instruction
  • Increases closed sales via strengthening relationships

DPS training program for sales team, executive and mangers consists of 9 modules delivered in a dynamic workshop setting. The keys to Carew’s selling are techniques and strategy that help you see business from your customers’ point-of-view in order to more efficiently identify their values and needs priorities. The result produces the customer understanding and on-target solution which moves prospects to lifetime customers with much greater frequency.

This highly interactive sales training program covers a variety of learning strategies, including group exercises, high-impact lectures and discussions, structured competitions, recorded role-plays and other hands-on events which turn out to be productive and memorable experience.

A sales training program from Carew International is extensively being used in India & Middle East. Over five thousand participants have undergone DPS training program and this has been conducted in Mumbai and Pune.

DPS(Dimensions of Professional Selling) Program Overview

Module 1: Take the Lead
  • Learn how to create and maintain successful relationships with your customers.
  • Learn how to diagnose your present position within a customer's enterprise.
Module 2: Invest in the Relationship
  • Learn to develop trust and credibility with others to quickly develop new customers into committed customers through tested relationship-building skills.
  • Find out how to recognize and eliminate communication barriers that come between you and your customers.
  • Adopt techniques to help you identify customer needs.
  • Learn about a results-producing model for building secure, long-term relationships and how use of this process model can be used to effectively handle objections, diffuse difficult situations and eliminate conflict.
Module 3: Get Organized
  • Every customer has unique personal and business needs. Identify four key personality types and how to adjust your approach to best interact with them.
  • Learn to develop a Strategic Selling Plan to ensure better success when dealing with your customers. Incorporate learning about the individual orientations to make successes more predictable.
Module 4: Find the Area of Opportunity
  • Learn how to determine customer needs (Gaps), and the actionable steps to help them close those Gaps.
  • Learn an Exploratory Process Model that helps you identify opportunities to do business with customers and give an advantage over your competitors.
  • Learn how you can create opportunities with prospects who say they are 100% satisfied with their current suppliers, and create the strategic advantage over your competitors.
Module 5: Present with a Purpose
  • Avoid overwhelming your customers with information and learn how to sell better by targeting the benefits that deliver the value that the customers seek.
  • Understand why it is important to distinguish between Features, Advantages, and Benefits and how to determine the key components of a customer solution.
  • Learn how to make high-impact proposal presentations that get results and lead to sales.
Module 6: Make the Customer Part of the Solution
  • Learn how to make effective presentations to groups or individual customers.
  • Learn how to engage your customer in your presentations and how to read his or her buying signals, as well as handle objections.
Module 7: Close for Results
  • Learn six different closing techniques and apply them for results.
  • Never leave a sales call wondering what's next.
Module 8: Assume the Responsibility
  • Understand the important balance between gathering information from and presenting solutions to customers.
Module 9: Become the Only Choice
  • Understand how establishing and utilizing the DPS, which is a proven selling system, makes you the preferred partner of your customers.

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