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B-More Consulting proudly presents its popular one-on-one individual training now in an exciting Virtual Classroom format.

Whether you are a student or a working professional, our online sales training programs are perfect to suit all varying needs. Our virtual sales training program lets you choose the desired time and location. Many people are apprehensive about online sales training courses because there is a fear that the quality of delivery, internet connection, and video quality will not be good enough.

With B-More’s online sales training programs, you have nothing to worry. Before our online sales training program, we give you a free demo of our sales courses online before you sign up. This allows you to make a fully informed and educated decision before going ahead with B-More’s sales and online sales training programs.

Is your Sales Team 'Future Ready'?

If you think that the way your Sales team performed in the past is sufficient for the way sales will continue to perform in the future, I certainly hope you have luck on your side! To ensure that the salesforce perform their best, there is a need to provide them with the best virtual sales training programs.

B-More is here to help you get your team prepared with our comprehensive online sales training programs. Give them the confidence they need to tackle the sales targets in this highly competitive market.

We have online sales training programs that are customized as per the needs of your team and are very interactive. Most people might be a little uncertain of how effective the online sales training format will be for their teams. Will their teams really be engaged? Will the sales team really gain from them?

Let B-More Consulting put your mind at ease. Let us demo a sample of our virtual sales training programs for you. See how interactive our programs really are and see how we use technology to make the overall learning experience a truly exceptional one. Not only does B-More provide one of the best experiences in virtual sales training programs in Mumbai, but also pan-India and in the Middle East as well!

But for those who want to be truly prepared, you must also consider whether your managers are ready to lead your Sales teams effectively. What use is having your Front-Line Sales Team ready but being led into the market ineffectively?

B-More can help you here as well. We have excellent Sales Leadership Training programs to prepare your managers to lead and develop your sales teams effectively.

Get your Managers and Front-Line Sales Team ready to handle the challenges of the challenging market. Choosing B-More is the smartest decision you could make. Our trainers are well-qualified and experienced in the industry. Our Corporate Sales Training Programs are from Carew International USA, ranked in the top 20 Sales Training companies in USA and has over 40 years of sales training expertise. Our virtual sales training programs are also customized for the progressing Indian market.

Well, look no further. B-More has got you covered!

Don’t waste another minute. Call us and demo our online sales training programs now!

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B-More’s online sales training programs provide you with a real-world experience through dynamic and interactive group exercises. It allows you to see the product through the customer's POV and dramatically increases your sales planning effectiveness.
Dimensions of Professional Selling is a highly interactive sales training program that covers a variety of learning strategies, including high-impact discussions, lectures, group exercises, recorded role-plays, structured competitions, and other productive activities.
The pandemic compelled organizations into virtual selling circumstances. While in-person selling will persist in playing some role in the traditional sales relationship, more and more organizations convey that most of their sales conversations will be virtual. Buyers—and sellers—value the safety, convenience, and lower travel costs associated with virtual selling. Hence, virtual sales training programs are boosting the current market.
The effectiveness of virtual sales training programs is incomprehensible. Online sales training programs must include modules like learning about a result-producing standard for building secure, long-term connections and how you can use the help of this approach model to handle objections. It should also teach how to diffuse challenging situations effectively and eliminate conflict, along with understanding how to engage your customer and to read their buying signals. Also, the most significant- to diagnose your present position within a consumer's enterprise must be included in an online sales training course.
Online sales training courses are available to the user anytime through modules and videos and are usually self-paced. However, it does not comprise the guidance and input of a trainer. Virtual sales training programs are similar to classroom-based courses, except it is individually hosted online via several platforms.

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