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Tip #5 – Get Organized

Resist the temptation to use the “shotgun” approach. Stay focused, plan, and have a concrete objective for each call.  You owe this to the customer and to yourself.  The time you spend planning a call often yields an enormous time savings on the actual sales call or customer engagement.

Being recognized as an organized person will help you gain Preferred Position. Be sure to utilize the Strategic Selling Plan provided by Carew at the DPS workshop.  This plan allows you to state the objective, strategies and action steps.  A written plan leads to a desired result, whereas the alternative leads nowhere.

When you utilize the Strategic Selling Plan, you are either gathering information to find out what the customer needs OR you’re delivering information to respond to the needs of the customer.

The two primary selling strategies that assist you in obtaining these goals are the Gap and the Diamond.

Exploratory process – Find the Area of Opportunity

Presentation Process – Make the Customer Part of the Solution

We will concentrate on these strategies during the next two weeks.


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