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Train The Trainer Program | B-More Consulting

Train the Trainer Program | B-More Consulting

Can you see yourself as a trainer? There is a trainer in every professional manager. The work you do to get your team to achieve results requires the skills of a good trainer. B-More brings you a world class ‘Train The Trainer program’ that will take you from the basics steps of being a facilitator to a proven developer of personnel.

Train the Trainer program is a 5 days residential program which immerses to create trainers that will be an asset to any company. Each company needs to create a resident trainer faculty so that employees can be constantly mentored and nurtured to provide extraordinary performance.

The B-More’s training program for trainers at various aspects of being a professional trainer.

Day One:

This day starts with understanding the skills of delivery. It also takes note of the steps that need to be taken so that the trainer can connect with the participants. All the principles of Adult learning techniques are imparted and practised.

Day Two:

This day would be spent encouraging facilitators to understand the issues in comprehensive communication and presentation skills.

Day Three:

This is the day's participants take on the tasks of preparing a module design. Good training is a function of a clever program design. All participants would learn the skills required to design a professional training program, how and where to plan the pace of the program so that the final product is both comprehensive and provides clarity.

Day Four:

This day would be spent creating a hands-on workshop which will culminate with each participant taking a subject, creating a program design and learning the skills of delivering it. The trainers skills which are to be imparted would heavily lean on the creation of a professional system. The learnings of over 10 years delivering training modules and systems for Carew International USA will be the rich experience that will be imparted.

Day Five:

This is a day of practicals when the faculty will take classes on the various modules.

The participants of the 'Train The Trainer' program will be certified by B-More consultants and get their accreditation as a professional trainer from B-More Consulting LLP.

So, fill the form and be ready to be a world class training faculty in your organization.

Aim at bringing forth an unparalleled change management learning experience in your organization by making use of B-More Consulting’s industry-leading Train the Trainer programs and methodologies. At B-More Consulting, we help you come with up with a world-class, internal change management Train the Trainer program in India –allowing you to make the most of the professional front in your life. 

When you take up the specialized Train the Trainer program in Mumbai, you become qualified to coach, create, and mentor the existing team while improving the overall change management scenario for your organization in-house. When you take up the Train the Trainer course from B-More Consulting, you will be spending 5 days immersed in learning the basics of change management learning as well as teaching experience. Throughout the 5-day course of the program, you also learn to develop as well as deliver the core training programs in a manner that suits the specific organizational culture & environment.

Additional Features of the Train the Trainer Program

When you take up the specialized Train the Trainer course in Mumbai, here are some of the additional features as well as benefits that you can expect:

  • Learn famous change management, learning styles as well as techniques
  • Understanding the basic values of clean & important deliverables for your career
  • Reducing the overall operational expenses while boosting employee efficiency at the same time
Should You Attend the Train the Trainer Program in India?

If you are willing to become a professional facilitator and begin deploying in-depth change management training in-house throughout your own organization, the value-packed Train the Trainer course by B-More Consulting in India is the ideal solution for you. Consulting companies, as well as individuals that are looking forward to deploying effective change management capabilities within the organization, can reach out to us now!

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