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Tip #7 – Make the Customer Part of the Solution

You’ve found an Area of Opportunity or “GAP” via skillful use of the Exploratory Process. Now it is time to move on to another Positional Selling® Strategy, which is “Make the Customer Part of the Solution.”

Make sure to include the customer’s ideas, needs, and his/her contributions in this process. What are these contributions? A key portion will include areas of opportunity presented by the customer in the Exploratory Process when he/she revealed a GAP. The best way to make the buyer part of the solution is to follow the model provided in the Presentation Diamond:


POSITIVE CONTACT – Bring the best of your attitude, energy, and appearance to the customer.

PROPOSAL – Review the customer’s needs, state your objectives for the presentation, and verify your understanding.

SOLUTION – Present the features and benefits of your product or service solution.

SUMMARY – Review the problem, restate the solution, and summarize the benefits.

CLOSURE – Ask for the business and enlist the customer’s support in taking the next step.

RESPONSE CHECK – Throughout the presentation, check the customer’s understanding by using open-ended and close-ended questions. Ask questions that will uncover hidden objections. Handle objections with LAER.


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