Tip #3 – Invest in the Relationship

This week we will focus on the third Positional Selling® Strategy, “Invest in the Relationship.”

Focus on building a unique relationship with the customer where you are viewed as being part of their business. When the customer views your contribution in this way, you are well on the way to achieving Preferred Position.

One of the key aspects of the investment process is to make sure the customer knows he/she is being listened to and taken seriously, especially in regard to areas of objection or frustration.

Utilize the Bonding Process, or LAER, to ensure you are focusing on the needs of the customer. When you LAER, the following will occur:

  • Anger is diffused
  • Indifference is replaced by interest
  • Impatience is dissipated
  • Preoccupation becomes impossible
to demonstrate your interest in wanting to understand

to convey your concern and share your desire to be helpful
to develop a complete and accurate understanding of the customer’s concern
to propose a solution that addresses the problem

*Remember to repeat L-A-E as many times as needed to uncover the customer’s real objective before R.


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