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Tip #2 – Stop Looking Out For Number One

Remember to understand the words “Operating Reality” and work in the customer’s operating reality, not your own. Think about what really matters to the customer.

What is important to the customer? What need is he/she trying to satisfy? What result is the customer trying to achieve? When you’re in it just for yourself and the customer’s best interests come second, you may be opting for the short-term gain and suffer a long-term loss in the relationship. To understand your customer’s Operating Reality you will have to:

  • Know your customer
  • Understand his/her values and motivations
  • Use your heart as well as your head
  • Sell or deliver in terms of what’s important to the customer rather than what’s in it for you
  • Keep in mind the “Odds Are” 2:1 that you will be inwardly focused or have a self-centered reaction versus being outwardly focused or having an “other-centered” response


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