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‘Devel-Up’ during Lock-Down & Build immunity against job loss.

Very soon we will be out of the coronavirus lock-down and the only problem every company will face is how to sell. Salespeople will be most in-demand and opportunities for sales jobs will be plenty. Sales courses online are the answer. B-More offers international certified sales and marketing courses online. We are part of Carew International USA who are known for its online sales training programs. Imagine, you can be certified by Carew when you do our online sales training courses.

Just sign up for Carew’s world-famous Dimensions of Professional Selling from the comfort of your home and be a part of the virtual sales training conducted by a Carew accredited facilitator, based out of Mumbai.
Online sales training is available on other sales skills such as Negotiation, Sales Leadership, Target Account Planning, and Business Communication. With Carew sales courses online, you are free to choose, during this COVID-19 quarantine the time and date that suits you to get the online sales training you need. With this accreditation, in sales and marketing courses online, job interviews will be more successful.

Even if you have had sales experience, it pays to do sales and marketing courses online. When you understand how sales principles can be used along with your sales skills, your value increases to any employer.
The facilitators in India have all been trained by Carew International USA on all aspects of sales training and are authorized to use the copyrighted modules, even with online sales training programs that are conducted. We use Zoom technology and make our sales and marketing courses online very interactive. We use technology that is state-of-the-art in virtual sales training anywhere in the world.

The facilitators have published 2 books on sales called ‘Sales People Don’t Lie’ and ‘The Startup’s Guide to Sales: How Not to Crash and Burn’, published by Sage. This helps to build on the online sales training programs and improves the recall of the virtual sales training.

Both books are available on Amazon, Flipkart, and major bookstores across the world.

To sign up for a virtual sales training, all you have to do is give us a call or send us a text to +91 9819879265 or email us at

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