7 Words You Should Avoid In Sales

If you’re in the sales, you must understand that what you speak can affect your deal. Lack of wordplay could be ruining your chances of closing a deal. And if you keep repeating these mistakes, you could be losing deal after deal, affecting your sales career. Here are the 21 words you need to avoid, to boost your sales. Many sales training programs have already implied these tips.

1. To be honest with you

Many people use the phrases like “To be honest with you, this is the best price,” or “To be honest with you, we never give these deals to anyone else”, but it is not advisable. Because saying ”to be honest” creates an impression that entire conversation to that point was a lie.

2. Trust (Me)

It is always recommended to avoid the phrases like, “Just trust me this is a great deal.” Because it might sound like you’re hiding something from them, depending on your tone. No one wants to buy from someone who appears vague.

3. Sorry to bother you

It is completely pointless to say “sorry to bother you” because if you’re feeling sorry, then there is no need to bother your prospect in the first place. You need to sound confident and authoritative with your pitch that makes them believe that you are providing value to them by selling the product/ service.

4. Just following up

This is a very common mistake that many salespeople make, Using phrases like “Sir, I’m just following up…” to start a conversation with the potential customer. It makes them feel that you were not able to sell/ close a deal the last time and trying to do it now. It is advisable to research and find a strong reason to start a conversation with the prospects.

5. Buy

The word “buy” should be eliminated from your vocabulary to boost sales. Replace the word “buy” with “own” or “take this home with you.” Your choice of words can make a difference in closing a deal so be cautious with your words.

6. Contract

Avoid using the word “contract”, it makes them feel they are signing their life way, instead try using the word “agreement”, it is less formal and less intimidating.

7. I Haven’t Heard Back From You

Avoid using this phrase as it comes out naturally while communicating because you should not make them feel guilty or embarrass them, instead add value.

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