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What Should Be The Do’s And Dont’s While Choosing Virtual Sales Training Programs?

Virtual Sales Training

Recent studies done on the effectiveness of group training events have thrown up some surprising details.  According to   Gartner, those who participated in live group training events forgot 70% of what they learned within six days and 87% within 6 months. That is why it is vital that you select a good online sales training program. 

Do’s And Don’ts When Choosing Virtual Sales Training Programs.


  • Do Make Sure The Training Provider Is A Good Fit For Your Organization: You are probably aware that if you want to have more influence with a buyer, then a good rapport is essential.  In the same way, your sales staff are more likely to value what you teach them when there is a good relationship between your company and the training provider but relying only on good vibes will not take you very far.  Before selecting a training provider, clearly define your business requirements and the problem you are looking to solve through the training.  This ensures that you evaluate all your prospective training partners against the same criteria.
  • Do Check The Reputation Of The Sales Provider: Inquire about your online sales training provider.  Check their online presence.  Training providers actively engaged in the industry and who regularly publish good training content are more likely to provide good training modules and modern techniques that will inspire your sales team.
  • Do Check The Professionalism Of The Training Provider: Evaluate the training provider after every interaction.  Are they responsive to your e-mails and phone calls? Do they know about your business and what you offer? During conversations, do they discuss your company’s goals or are only focussed on what they have to offer? If you feel the training provider falls short in any of these areas, then it could be a red flag. The way you are treated when you are selling yourself can tell a lot about how you will be treated during the training process.
  • Do Evaluate The Strength Of The Training Team: Does the team that is going to train your salesforce have the experience of being in situations similar to yours? Do they have a thorough understanding of your industry? Can they adapt the delivery to suit the needs of your organization? Did they actually work in a sales role before?
  • Do Check If The Training Partner Provides Real-Time Tracking: Make sure the online sales training programs can be monitored in real-time by those evaluating a team’s training progress. It will be helpful for scheduling additional training sessions for those struggling to adapt to new modules.


  • Don’t select a training program that offers everything: It may be tempting to select a training program that claims to provide all your training needs but be careful as their sole intention may be to attract more participants or to earn more money rather than providing good quality training content.  The quality of training should never be compromised.
  • Don’t select an Unaccredited Training Program: When selecting a training program, always choose an accredited training program.  Your employees will not only be more engaged in the training but they will also get a through understanding of the subject that they would not get from an unaccredited program.

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