What Needs to Change?

We are just three weeks away from a new year. By now you know whether your 2014 performance was stellar or not. At this point your focus should be on the future – 2015 and beyond. It’s likely you already have your sales objective for next year. After all, we wouldn’t dream of starting a year without a specific sales goal in place… but so often we fail to plan how we will attain the growth reflected in that plan. If you and your leadership expect improvement over last year, what will you do differently to drive that growth and change the outcome? What needs to change? Have you identified specific…

  • Areas for improvement
  • Skills to develop
  • Support needed
  • Tools, tactics and practices to drive better outcomes
  • After you’ve pondered this question from your own perspective, consider what input you might get from your customers on this subject. What do you think your customers would like to see you and your company do differently? What practices and policies would most improve your position with customers?

    You know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome… Or think about Tony Robbins’ well-known quote, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” If you are serious about performance improvement, talk to your leaders and customers to determine what needs to change. Now there’s a plan for success!

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