Tip #9 – Putting It In Writing

You’re doing great on the quest to achieve Preferred Position. You’ve utilized the techniques introduced in the DPS workshop, including:

Exploratory Process – GAP

Presentation Process – Diamond

JADIK Matrix – Positioning for a Long Term Business Relationship

You’ve closed, but the customer is saying, “We like what we see. We’ll get back to you in a few days after we review your offering.” This is not the time to wait and see if the customer will follow up with you. It’s the opportunity for you to follow up with the customer.


If this type of situation occurs, outline all of your presentation items in a report or “Sales Summary Proposal.” By detailing all the activities in this manner, you provide the customer with an organized summary and are able to regroup and lay the groundwork for the next call.

Once you provide the Sales Summary Proposal, follow up with the customer. This post-call activity will allow you to stay in the customer’s consciousness by maintaining a presence, eliminating confusion via secondhand delivery of your recommendations, and reaching key people you are not normally able to access. Bottom Line — the Sales Summary Proposal provides the focal point for your follow-up calls.

A timely Sales Summary Proposal that works in the customer’s Operating Reality will expand the relationship and help you achieve Preferred Position.


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