The Pros And Cons Of Virtual Sales Training Vs Classroom Sales Training

Virtual Sales Training

The demand for online sales training programs has increased among companies. Many employers see this as an efficient way of providing training as well as keeping their sales reps on the field to bring in business for the company. So, let us check out the prominent benefits of online sales training programs.

1. Flexible Learning – The growth of technology has made learning more efficient. Today, learning has become a flexible and individualized process, thanks to technology. This method of learning is extremely useful in the corporate world, especially among sales reps, as it allows them the opportunity to approach learning more individually and flexibly. It is much more beneficial than the classroom approach to learning for sales reps. Online sales training programs help sales reps learn at their own pace, allow them to stay on the field, and manage their sales appointments. These features make the sales reps more attentive towards the training, and as a result, they will learn the critical skills faster and will understand the product and the business in a much more detailed manner than in the classroom format for sales training.

2. More Practice – Regular practice is essential to bring about behavioral change in an individual and instill them with deep knowledge and skills. It has been observed that sales reps who undergo virtual sales training programs, practice six times more than the reps who attend typical classroom training. This discrepancy is because sales reps who attend online sales training spend more time on the fly interacting with prospects. Therefore, it offers them a better opportunity to practice their fresh learning for the day with their prospects. Therefore, they practice in real-time, rather than spend time in the classroom doing mock sales calls. Real-time practice is more helpful than a mock sales call practice, as you learn so many things by interacting with a real customer rather than a fake customer.

3. More Completed Assignments – The online sales training program invites more attention from the sales reps due to their flexibility and individual approach to training. As a result, sales reps get more time to practice, do virtual role-plays, and do mock calls, without worrying about any time constraints, which are usually the concerns with classroom training.  The more they practice, the more confident they become, which builds more engagement and commitment to the online sales training program. Their continued practice ensures that the sales reps complete their assignments, which are necessary for the successful competition of online sales training. Therefore, the online sales training program results in more number of completed assignments from the attendees. The successful completion of these assignments demonstrates the depth of knowledge and proficiency of the sales reps. And online sales training allows for more proficiency than classroom sales training.

4. Better Coaching – Online sales training does not have any time constraints like classroom sales training. Online sales training provides adequate time for sales reps to take down notes and have access to more extensive data and information from the trainers. These practices could not be possible in the classroom session due to the constraints of time, as sales reps have to be on the field, making sales appointments. Online sales training allows them access to recorded videos, sales texts, and other preparatory material which they can access at their own pace. Therefore, sales reps have better access to coaching, which helps them learn and assimilate knowledge better. This type of individual and personalized coaching allows them to grasp the training better and perform well in their assignments and exams.

5. More Scalable – A classroom training model is dependent on too many factors, such as time, location, and availability, to make training a success. The online sales training program is, however, free of any such constraints, which means that an online training program can be scaled as and when required, without making any major adjustments to the training or coaching schedule. You need to think about the space, location, and availability if you were to plan a physical training session. In an online session, you can add as many sales reps as possible to the training and scale up your requirements to meet the changing dynamics of the industry.

Research shows that virtual sales training programs are more effective than typical classroom sales programs. The sales reps can attend training as well as go to the field to attend sales calls. This flexibility brings more efficiency to the business and helps impart the training more effectively to the sales reps. If you want more information about the sales training program for your sales reps, then you must visit B-more Consulting today.

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