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Sales Training Program – 2

Sudhakar was a very particular man.  He understood style and carried himself with dignity.  He was an average performer or, more correctly, an under- performer. Till one day, at a Dealer sales training program in Pune, he was asked to give a ‘Vote of Thanks’ in Marathi.

Sudhakar’s world collapsed around him.  He could not speak in public.  It was a nightmare. He panicked.

When persuaded, Sudhakar, in a sweat, asked if he could give the ‘votes of Thanks’ in English.  It was agreed to, though how it gave him more confidence than Marathi, his mother tongue and his more fluent command, is hard to understand.

Sudhakar practiced every spare moment he got.  The day came and he stood up to face the dealers, with beads of sweat pouring down his cheek.  He made it thru the short 4 minute thanksgiving speech, reading from a prepared text.

Sudhakar had triumphed.  He could now speak fearlessly.

Sudhakar did just that.  He was the most committed sales trainer the Branch knew. He took on sales training with great enthusiasm. In fact he asked for opportunities to facilitate.

Sudhakar gave a Vote of Thanks!

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