Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Want key customer insights that will facilitate valued solutions and dramatic results? Maybe all you need to do is ask…

The Exploratory Process is critical to finding the area of opportunity with new and existing customers. Often, the absence of strategic questioning undermines effective diagnostics and, as a result, the development of exceptional solutions. In the Exploratory Process, we identify five types of questions: Overview, Focusing, Realization, Closing and Dimensional. Each question type has a specific purpose and optimal application, but Dimensional questions may best deliver the stand-out competitive advantage we seek.

Questioning for needs identification is standard fare in every sales situation and for every sales professional. Unique insight demands unique exploratory skills. Dimensional questions allow us to engage the customer who is “fully satisfied,” and open the customer’s mind to the possibility of improvement beyond what they thought possible. Introducing an entirely new level of desired outcomes is an effective means of dislodging a current competitor, or further instilling loyalty and trust among existing customers.

Dimensional questions reflect a more sophisticated and complex diagnostic effort, creating value in the sales process and earning trust and credibility in the relationship. They are a powerful tool and as such, must be used with care and skill. If not prefaced with the appropriate customer exploration, discussion and research, Dimensional questions could be perceived as manipulative or arrogant. When used amid thoughtful planning and positioning, Dimensional questions can reveal the most dramatic opportunities for value creation, as well as your progression to preferred position with customers.

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