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6 Recommendations for Creating the Best Corporate Sales Training Program

Corporate Sales Training

Investing in corporate sales training programs is an important part of business success and growth. By providing your employees with the right tools, skills, and knowledge, you cannot only increase sales productivity but also improve customer satisfaction. Moreover, a sales training program can also help you build a sales team that can effectively handle customer inquiries and sales negotiations.   

When designing a corporate sales training program, there are a few things you need to consider for success. Here are 6 recommendations for creating the best corporate sales training programs  

Know who are your customers  

You can teach your salesforce all the best sales techniques but it won’t work unless they are aware of what customers want so before addressing other sales topics, begin by getting to your customers better. Study your buyer personas till your sales representatives feel like they are next-door neighbors. From demographics to competitive products-the more information, they have the better. Doing so will help your sales employees create more impactful value propositions and leave little room for errors.  

Incorporate Blended Learning 

The best corporate sales training programs include practice sessions as well as real-time feedback. This means that live, face-to-face interaction between an instructor and sales reps is required.  

Classroom training though a necessity poses two major challenges. Firstly, it is costly and highly impractical to organize with a dispersed sales team. The cost rises even further since time spent on training is time lost from sales interactions. Secondly, classroom training can take hours which can make it hard for your sales employees to retain what they have learned.   

With blended learning, your employees can improve their skills or practice with their instructor via a virtual classroom. The majority of topics such as product knowledge can be taught through self-paced online courses.   

Add a personal touch to your training 

While creating corporate sales training programs, add a human touch. Imagine yourself sitting in a training session where the content is dry and copied from a generic training manual. Would you enjoy it? Definitely not. If you want your employees to love your company, use your coursework to tell them how much you value the work they are doing. Adding a bit of humor is a great way to humanize an intimidating training session.   

Outsource your training  

If your sales team is too large or you are looking for a fresh perspective, then bringing in an outside consultant to provide training might not be a bad idea.   

It might feel awkward to bring in an outsider for corporate sales training programs but a good consultant can bring valuable experience and market information.  

Communicate your expectations  

An important aspect of sales training is communicating expectations of what your company expects from each salesperson. The best way to do this is to schedule a meeting with each sales rep and have a one-on-one meeting of what is expected of them.  

Rewards & achievements 

Sales representatives are goal-driven more so than other employees which makes achievement-based training an excellent option for them. When rewarding them for exceeding expectations or closing a difficult sale, always use specifics to make successes tangible and meaningful.  

B-More Consulting provides corporate sales training in India and offers solutions that help organizations boost profitability, accelerate growth, and improve customer retention and ROI.    

At our training workshops, your employees get a first-hand experience of how your organization works, its cash flow, and how the bottom line can be improved upon. 

Moreover, they are also made aware of how even small and ignored decisions have a huge impact on the bottom line of the company. At the end of the program, they are required to create a report about what they learned from the program. All our programs are tailored according to the needs and goals of your company.   

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