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  • 2nd, 3rd - Pathway to Negotiations (PTN)
  • 9th, 10th - Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)
  • 16th, 17th – Results Producing Leadership (RPL)
  • 23th,24th – Leadership & Management      Professional (LAMP)


  • 6th, 7th - Pathway to Negotiations (PTN)
  • 13th, 14th - Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS)
  • 20th, 21th – Results Producing Leadership (RPL)
  • 27th, 28th – Leadership & Management      Professional (LAMP)

Carew International USA with over 40 years of Sales Training expertise is ranked among the top 10 business management and sales training companies in the USA.

  •   Faculty

    At B-More, we believe that the "Trainers" are key to any course being successfully communicated to the attendees. We not only have the best Sales and Management Trainers reputed across industries; but also include specific consultation with these Sales Trainers according to your client-specific requirements as a part of our process.

  •   Facilities

    Our training centre is designed for customized training in small batches. While we have all the general features required in any modern classroom of this digital age - we ensure that the "Trainees" and "Trainer" are always in close personal interaction during the sessions.

  • Courses

    B-More has association with various International Sales and Management Programs, and some our recognized Courses include:

Dimensions of Professional Selling (DPS):

Since March 2009, and we have had over a 1000 participants; as well as extremely positive feedback clients regarding the outcome of this course in the real market. DPS is certified by acclaimed Carew International (USA).

It is systematically set out in 9 different modules to best help participants absorb the essential elements of Jack Carew's unique selling techniques. Our clients include some of the top brands ranging from F&B and Pharmaceuticals to Industrial Technology and Infrastructure.

Leadership & Management Primer (LAMP):

Known as LAMP for short, it is a favoured course among Entrepreneurs and Management Students ready to take on the complex market of seed-funding and crowd-funding companies that have become mainstream in the economy today.

With the rise of the entrepreneurship market; our program developed the LAMP from globally recognized training module of Louis Allen. BMore's LAMP course has indeed been the guiding light to many budding entrepreneurs with their own start-ups and e-commerce businesses!

Results Producing Leadership (RPL):

Known to our clients as one of the best Management and Leadership Training Programs in India; the RPL is another training module that is developed from Carew International's renowned certification program.

RPL is a leadership training program that applies to sales team leading and management development at all levels of the economy. the RPL program is set out in a workshop module with group activities and open discussion being the core of the training method.

Pathway to Negotiations (PTN):

Another module certified by Carew International USA, PTN is one BMore course that applies both to employees within a corporate structure; as well as entrepreneurs. It is a theoretical training program to understanding key aspects of Sales Negotiation like retaining clients and cost cutting.

At BMore, we have developed the original module to better suit clients in the Indian and Middle Eastern markets; and help entrepreneurs understand why the economy has shifted from dominating MNCs to Startups and SMBs!

These courses are prepared according to international standards - and we have served various industries across India and the Middle East for both corporate clients as well as Individual students and entrepreneurs.

What People Say About Us

  • Hannah Brown

    It is hard to get a professional sales system that is practical and makes sense to the sales team. DPS (Dimensions of Professional Selling) was introduced on the behest of the chief of sales who had attended the public program. Read More

    Kiran Singh. Corp HR | Mother Dairy Fruit &Vegetable P Ltd

  • Hannah Brown

    With operational centralization, there was large expectation from branch personnel on increasing selling and cross-selling in the branches. We were looking at “Selling Skills” programme which could meet our needs. Read More

    Nilesh Sarkar, Manager | L & D Bank Mascat

  • Hannah Brown

    Carew International USA; DPS Programs have been the backbone of Sales Training. We have been very happy with the results and have done TAPS ( Target Account Planning Strategies ) with Roshan Joseph Associates.Read More

    Atman Mehta | VP, National Sales Janak Healthcare